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To fully utilize our services, you must have your own domain name. Here you can register your own private domain name immediately via Credit Card or Paypal (and alternatively by Western Union, Wire Transfer, Bank Cheque, even Cash, just email us at to arrange alternative payment). The WHOIS information can be virtually anything you want, thus protecting your privacy and security.

(Note: ensure you enter a valid email address contact for your domain name, so that important notices such as domain renewal emails can be sent to you)

What makes our domain system private and anonymous?

In our specially arranged system, your public WHOIS information and your private ownership details are held completely separate. People who try to dig up your information using WHOIS or similar lookup tools will _only_ get shown the information YOU want them to see, which you can set and change yourself at any time.

Who owns the domain name?

You do. Unlike other so-called “private” or anonymous domain registration systems (where some other company “holds” your domain), with our system you maintain full private ownership of your domain name at all times. You can login after the domain is registered and privately see your ownership details. You can also update and modify any and all WHOIS details to be whatever you want. This also means you can transfer your domain to a different company if you want to at any time. We do not control your domain, you do.

What is a Domain Name?

A domain name is your address on the Internet. It is similar to a telephone number- people use it to contact you. A good domain name is hard to find, as thousands are being registered each day, and demand for domain names that are easy to remember is extremely high. Therefore you must register your domain name now before it is taken. You can also try different domain extensions like .cc or .tv if your .com is already taken.

Pricing Schedule (in USD)

Registration fee for .com, .net, .org, .biz, .info:
$20 for 1 year
$35 for 2 years
$70 for 5 years
$140 for 10 years

Registration fee for .cc, .ws, .bz, .nu, .tv, .sr, .nu, .us:
$60 for 1 year
$100 for 2 years
$250 for 5 years
$500 for 10 years

For .fm, .am, .tv, .st and more:
dotFM – .fm & .am – $75 and up for 1 year
.tv Corp – .tv – $50 for 1 year

For All others:
Anonymous DNS – US$20/year
Contact Us for a quote on anything not listed.

For all domain names, the most current pricing is listed during the registration and payment process, as discounts may be included.

What are the Domain Name Servers (DNS Servers)?

The DNS servers store information about your domain name. You should not be asked for the DNS servers if you register through our website, as we have already taken care of it for you. However, if you used a different service to register your domain name, then Contact Us and we will send you the DNS information for your account.

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